After the Storm


A Panorama of Lancaster City

By Suzette Wenger



The powerful storms that rolled through Lancaster County earlier this week left thousands of people without electricity. They also left behind a very dramatic skyline in the city. Lancaster Newspapers staff photographer Suzette Wenger shot the above image of Lancaster from the top of the Central Parking Garage on her way back into the office on Tuesday evening, just as the storm was rolling out of the county. Here, Suzette explains her creative inspiration:


After leaving a shoot at a Williams Partners pipeline meeting early on Tuesday evening, I spotted a full rainbow with a second rainbow very faint in the eastern sky. The thunderstorm had just passed through the county. I traveled north toward Willow Street from Conestoga in search of some foreground to anchor the shot of the rainbow, but the only thing I spotted quickly enough to work was a little chapel in Willow Street behind the Double Tree Hotel. Arriving a bit too late, the cloud cover had swallowed most of the rainbow. I waited as long as I could for it to return, but no such luck. So I set back out on the road to return to the Lancaster Newspapers office -- without the image I had hoped for.


Once I reached our parking garage, I was still watching the sky. Before entering the building I headed up to the rooftop of our parking garage to find the most amazing sky! And I realized that I didn't necessarily need my heavy equipment -- using my iPhone's panoramic option would be the perfect way to capture the swirling clouds moving over the city's skyline. The first two takes weren't quite what I wanted, but the third time was a charm -- I finally hit the right angles and alignment.


I find that right after trying for an image and being unsuccessful is often the best time to keep looking for something good to happen. And on this particular evening, I was glad I did just that. I kept watching the sky and was rewarded with a wonderful image of the setting sun after the storm.


Check out the panoramic shot in closer detail below. Be sure to click the button on the bottom right-hand corner to make the image as large as possible on your screen.